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Hi, Welcome to "Got Arch?" English edition. Got Arch? is an architectural website that presents you interesting, unique, and contemporary projects either recently completed or older ones. Originally this website was created in Thai language only. As time passes by, we have more and more projects featured on our website. We think we should do English edition too. So that we can share these amazing projects with more readers around the world.
Since we are just beginning our English edition, we don't have that many projects now. However, we'll try to compile more projects soon. Also you can check out our Thai edition for more projects on our website.
Thank you for visiting Got Arch? I hope you enjoy our website and get some useful information.


    L&M Art Gallery
Location : Venice, California, U.S.A.
Architect : Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY Architecture
Photos by : Iwan Baan, Tor [21 Photos]
Article by : Tor
Kulapat Yantrasast of wHY Architecture has made L&M Arts on Venice Boulevard a new affable art compound in L.A. (more...)
    Mansion 7
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Architect : Open Box
Photos by : Nui and Prang[35 Photos]
    Equilibrium House
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Architect : VaSLab
Photos by : Xaroj Phrawong [21 Photos]
More photos and article (English) by Xaroj Phrawong can be found at art4d.com here.
    Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Location : Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Architect : Belzberg Architects
Photos by : Tor [55 Photos]
Personally, I like movies about World War II like Life is Beautiful, Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates etc. If there were museums about World War II wherever I traveled to, I tried to visit them. Recently, Los Angeles just have a new Holocaust Museum. (more..)
    Chaska Chayamachi
Location : Osaka, Japan
Architect : Tadao Ando
Photos by : Tor [47 Photos]
Chaska Chayamachi is in Umeda area or one of the busiest areas of Osaka. The project consist of commercial area from ground floor to 9th floor, and service apartments from 12th to 21st floor. (more...)
    Nezu Museum
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Architect : Kengo Kuma
Photos by : Tor [58 Photos]
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